White Noise Sound Machine

Key Features:

  • 【Why Pink Noise ?】 — Pink noise is like white noise, but instead of having equal power across frequencies, it comes out Louder and More Powerful at the Lower Frequencies (think of it as white noise with the bass turned up). Compared with no noise, it corresponded with a longer duration of deep sleep. Newer studies found benefits of it on deep sleep and memory.
  • 【24 Soothing Sounds】— Sounds machine provides relaxing listening experience through 24 nature sounds: Beep, Constant Honking Sound, Pink Noise , Train, Insect Sound in the Evening, Slow Train, Fast Pink Noise, Yoga, Meditation, Little River, Chirp of Insect, Wind Rumor, Slow/ Normal/ Fast Heart Beat in the Matrix, Boat by the Seaside, Sound of Dolphin, Rooster on the Farm, Cooling Fan Sound, Sound of Hair Dryer, Fast Fan Sound, Echo of Tunnel/ Cave/ Bell
  • 【Adjustable Volume】— Rotate volume control knob to adjust sound volume to your desired level for a personalized sound environment. Also machine equipped with 3.5mm earphone jack is convenient for you to take a deep nap in office after lunch without disturbing others
  • 【Auto-Off Timer/ 3 Timing Mode】— The battery or USB power operated (USB cable included) pink noise sound machine can be set 30, 60 automatic shut-off timer to conserve energy while you sleep. It also can be played Permanently.
  • 【Safe & Portable】— Approved by CE, FCC and RoHS. Great for babies, restless sleepers, shift workers, students, spouses of snorers to get deep and uninterrupted sleep. Stylish and lightweight machine easily fits into a bag or suitcase, will be your perfect travel companion to create a familiar sleep environment when you travel on business.【SATISFACTION WARRANTY】Every Pictek product shipped out after tested, and it will be offered a 45 days money-back and 18-month worry-free Guarantee

Product Information:


Product ID: 797646291243

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