PICTEK Dehumidifier, Portable Home Dehumidifiers Compact Dehumidifiers for Bedroom, Basements , Whisper Quiet, Auto Cut-off, Up To 18 Ounces Dehumidification Per Day with 52 Ounces Water Tank

HIGH MOISTURE REMOVAL: This home dehumidifier can remove up to 250ml per day (It depends on your humidity environment) which keeps the environment in a suitable humidity.

AUTO SHUT OFFFUNCTION: Automatically shuts off and turns LED light red to mention you remove the full water tank, avoid worrying about spill water and safety problems.

ONE-BUTTON CONTROL:Without tedious steps, simple one-button control provides a hassle-free comfortable environment experience.

THERMOELECTRICAND QUIET: Uses low noise thermoelectric peltier technology, which only makes lower than 35dB sounds. Thermoelectric dehumidifier can extracts moisture from the air, eliminates odors and fungi through using semiconductors, and provides low energy consumption and efficient dehumidification.

PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL: This compact size dehumidifier is quite handy and portable which is flexible in application. It can work efficiently toremove damp, mold and moisture from bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, closet, study room, Works perfect in small size space (about 1100 cubic feet).


Why We Need a Dehumidifier?

High humidity may cause respiratory and skin diseases, such as asthma, pneumonia and eczema; also, food and wall will easily begin to get moldy. PICTEK dehumidifier can keep the indoor humidity at suitable relative humidity and discourages the bacteria growth and decreases moisture to keep the indoor humidity in the suitable relative humidity and gives you fresh air environment.



Product ID: B073RD2SCJ

Product Type: ASIN

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